SE 13th Avenue and Lexington Street in Downtown Sellwood


A special thanks to everyone who helps us as we move forward:

  • Alpenrose Dairy (I love these photos)!

    Alpenrose has been a wonderful part of our community for over a century.  They began delivering milk to homes from horse drawn wagons back in 1891.  We truly respect the work and effort, which our local farmers put into producing their high quality dairy products.  We feel honored to have the opportunity to support their efforts, as we create special ice creams for our local communities.

  • Bulldog Trailers

    Trev Wilson was great at getting us the trailer we needed in a time frame that was unbelievable. The trailer that became our food cart is exactly what we needed.  Ours was manufactured in Silverton by Continental Cargo Trailers.  It’s their Tailwind model.

  • Darin Sekulic

    Darin created our logo.  We love the metal ice cream cone artwork he designed for the cart fenders.  He has a helping hand in so much of the graphics that you see from us.  Thank you Darin for your creative input in Hurry Back Ice Cream’s presence.

  • Savory Spice Shop, Sellwood

    Ann and Jim Brown at the Savory Spice Shop in Sellwood are great neighbors.  If that isn’t enough, they offer fresh spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and more that we use in our ice cream and pie ala mode.

  • Sellwood Corner Food Carts

    Home sweet home!  When you have great neighbors, perfect location, and a friendly landlord, who needs anything more?  We’re honored to be a part of the neighborhood.

  • Treecycle Recycled Paper

    Treecycle offers recycled paper products including our bowls that are compostable.  Erich works with us to provide eco-friendly supplies.

  • U.S. Chef Aloha and 7th & Stephens

    These two U.S. Chef locations take quality seriously.  Customer service is at the top of their priorities as they work diligently to provide us with excellent products to meet our customers’ needs.  In particular, Dan in Aloha, works with us to provide the freshest cones of the highest quality.  That makes our cones extra special treats for our community friends.